About Us
Our goal at Real Estate Academy is to guide you through both the learning and practical application of current real estate news, dealing with Internet/Web technology, and overall trends in the marketplace.  We have engineered informative, timely, and interesting courses which provides the necessary 22.5 credit hours for re-licensing. We offer the best real estate education in New Jersey and we hope that you will sign up so we can help you into your future! Our classes will be held on Saturdays and Sundays starting on May 5 for 5 weeks in duration. Our course integrates all the neccesary knowledge and more into these five weeks while still maintaining a fresh and engaging envrioment.
Guest Speakers
​ Guest speakers bring a fresh persepctive on real estate and will engage you with their up to date lessons. Our general instructors are all licensed and experienced real estate agents and brokers who will give you the inside knowledge needed to succed in the real estate market. We value our students so much we will even continue to help you after our class so that you can find the position of your dreams! For more information about our next round of classes visit the contact page. 
Importance of Real Estate
It is our belief that while the real estate market fluctuates there will always be a need for homes. This is a fundamental part of our existence and we here at the Real Estate Academy Group pride ourselves on bringing the knowledge you need to the real world. We will prepare you not only in the nuance of the real estate world but also valuable interpersonal skills that you will use going further into you careers! So what are you waiting for? Go sign up!